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Banneker City Little League Boundaries

Children should either live within our boundaries or attend a school within Banneker City's boundaries. To verify school enrollment, parents will need to bring an official school document, such as a report card or school enrollment form, confirming enrollment in the school for the current academic year, dated before October 1st.



Physical Description

Starting at Missouri Avenue, NW & North Capitol Street, NW: West along Missouri Avenue, NW to Georgia Avenue, NW. North along Georgia Avenue, NW, to Military Road, NW. West along Military Road, NW, to Beach Drive, NW. South along Beach Drive, NW, to Connecticut Avenue, NW. South along Connecticut Avenue, NW, to Massachusetts Avenue, NW. East along Massachusetts Avenue, NW, to Mt. Vernon Place, NW. East along Mt. Vernon Place, NW, to New York Avenue, NW. East along New York Avenue, NW, to North Capitol Street, NW. North along North Capitol Street, NW to Taylor Street, NE. East along Taylor Street, NE to Harewood Road, NE. South on Harewood Road, NE, behind Tassc International School to Taylor Street, NE. East on Taylor Street, NE to Hawaii Avenue, NE. North on Hawaii Avenue, NE to Fort Totten Drive, NE. North on Fort Totten Drive, NE to Brookland Avenue, NE. East on Brookland Avenue, NE to the equivalent of Keene Recreation Center. North and West adjacent, but not including Keen Recreation Center, to Riggs Road, NE. West on Riggs Road, NE to Missouri Avenue, NW and North Capitol, NW.


Washington, DC District 01
Banneker City Little League is located in Uptown DC and is the only league that does not touch the DC border, making it the only inner-city league in DC.