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Nov, 2021

Banneker City College Scholarship

Banneker City is proud to announce our first annual college scholarship. Our 2022 winner is Sameer Glazerman, and the scholarship derives its namesake from its inaugural winner. The Sameer Glazerman Scholarship will award former players and volunteers that are headed off to college. This year's scholarship is $2,500, and will be presented to Sameer and his family on Tuesday, January 25th.

Sameer Glazerman is an honor-roll high school senior with deep roots in Banneker City Little League. Sameer joined Banneker City in our inaugural year as a 4-year old player in our Tee-Ball division. He subsequently played in every division, every season, until he graduated out of the program at age 15. He then returned to be a volunteer umpire for the league, and has volunteered over 100 hours as a volunteer umpire, all while handling the rigors of high school academia and preparing for college. Sameer is an outstanding young man, and continues to model upright conduct for the kids, and adults at every game he umpires. Sameer is a rare, special kind of volunteer that is hard to describe in words: he’s giving back to the same program that gave to him. How many get to close that loop in a lifetime? And he’s just getting started. We wish him the best and success in his future endeavors, and cherish him as one of our own that we love and esteem. Congratulations, Sameer! Keep up the outstanding work!