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Sep, 2019

BCUA Umpire Appreciation Luncheon

On Sunday, December 1, 2019, Banneker City will be treating our volunteer umpires for the 2019 season to a luncheon at Buffalo Wild Wings, 1220 Half Street SE, starting at 1:00pm.

Please RSVP for this event at:

We will be recognizing our volunteer umpires with awards, gift certificates, lunch, and a good 'ol time at Buffalo Wild Wings.

We want to thank you and recognize you for being a part of the solution to the Umpire Problem. What is the Umpire Problem? The Umpire Problem is essentially a supply-demand issue, where baseball umpires are in high demand, but are low in supply. This inequality has provided opportunities for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of non-profit, volunteer based organizations like Banneker City Little Leagues. To follow are some of the issues with these "paid" umpire associations that many organizations are forced to employ because of the lack of volunteerism by the organization's constituents:

  • No background checks are performed on these "paid" individuals that will be in close proximity to your kids.
  • They do not attend annual training to stay abreast of rule changes, and most of them have NEVER attended an umpire class.
  • They choose to show-up to games when they want to. Even though they are paid, they are aware that organizations have no where else to turn to because of the lack of volunteerism, so no-shows will not impact their ability to make money in the future. Have you ever been at a game and there is no umpire? This is precisely why!
  • Paid umpires will often no-show for games and become unreachable because they have negotiated a higher rate to umpire another game.

How can you become part of the solution? Register to attend BCUA's Umpire Training, and volunteer a couple of hours out of your week to umpire a game for our children. READ MORE HERE. You can register at: