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Nov, 2020

Banneker City Needs Umpires

Little League Baseball is distinct from other baseball programs. While the other programs need families to finance their program so they can acquire kids to hopefully bolster their programs' reputation, Little League teaches kids the fundamentals of baseball and the virtues of teamwork and sportsmanship to help kids develop and grow into conscientious adults. It is you, our parents that help create this nurturing environment through volunteerism. So, while other programs shun your involvement, Little League exists because of it. 

Aside from volunteer coaches, team moms, field maintainers, equipment administrators, uniform managers, league officials, safety coordinators, game & practice schedulers, concession providers, Banneker City really needs more volunteer umpires. You do not need any prior experience, and the training is FREE. Middle- and high-schoolers can receive volunteer hours that will count towards their graduation and figure prominently with decision makers when applying for colleges and scholarships. All moms and dads, friends and family are welcome to apply. 

These free-to-access virtual umpire clinics will be provided in three 45-to-60-minute sessions. There will be multiple opportunities to participate in the training. The sessions will be presented by Little League International staff along with members of the respective region’s umpire staff. A detailed schedule of training sessions is available through the Little League Event Calendar

Southwest Region Virtual Umpire Clinics

East Region Virtual Umpire Clinic Sessions:

When: Thursday, November 5, at 6 p.m. Eastern Time
What: Pre- and Post-game Responsibilities
Overview: This session will discuss those tasks and activities to be carried out by umpires prior to the start of every game, and after the conclusion of each game. The topics to be addressed include: the pre- and postgame conferences conducted between the umpires; the methodology for pre-game inspection of players’ bats and equipment; proper procedure for conducting a succinct meeting with the team managers; and the umpire’s uniform and protective equipment.



When: Thursday, November 12, at 6 p.m. Eastern Time
What: The Basics of Working the Plate
Overview: This session will discuss how to effectively judge balls and strikes, as well as other responsibilities belonging to the home plate umpire. Description and explanation of proper plate umpire mechanics will be provided, including the positioning and the philosophy of why these techniques are used. Video and slide presentations, along with supporting commentary by the presenters will illustrate several common calls made by the plate umpire.



When: Thursday, November 19, at 6 p.m. Eastern Time
What: Understanding the Basics of Umpiring Bases
Overview: This session will discuss the responsibilities of the base umpire(s), including different positioning based on the number of base runners and evolving situations; and the responsibilities of the field or base umpire in a two-umpire system. Highlighted in the presentation will be examples of the proper footwork used by base umpires to achieve proper position for calls. Video and slide presentations, along with supporting commentary by the presenters will illustrate several common calls made by the base umpire(s).



As always, thank you for providing the volunteer service to your league’s children, families and community. 


Banneker City Little League