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BCLL Father & DaughterBCLL Father & Daughter Take In A Baseball Game

Parent Involvement
As the parent of a Banneker City Little Leaguer, you are committed to making your child's sports experience as rewarding as possible. Children take an interest in things that their parents take an interest in. Get out there and play catch with your child or take them to the batting cage. Volunteer with Banneker City Little League, and help develop the concepts of character, courage and loyalty in your Little Leaguer.

Banneker City has produced an in-depth league-wide "A Safety Awareness Program," Please click here,  to download Banneker City's Safety Plan

Inclement Weather
Be aware of threatening weather. Practices and games should be stopped immediately at the first sign of lightning and shelter should be sought immediately. Your child's coach should contact you via phone regarding the postponement or cancellation of games. Occasionally, the umpire is required to call a game prior to its completion. When this occurs, your child's coach will inform you about make-up dates.

Injury Prevention

  • Make sure that children do not climb on fences surrounding the playing fields.
  • Check playing fields before games and practices for holes, large rocks or sticks, and anything else that may cause interference for players.
  • Make sure that your child drinks plenty of fluids not only while playing, but also throughout the day before practices and games.
  • Treat minor injuries with RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.
  • Watch for signs of heat exhaustion when playing in extreme heat.

Must-Have Game/Practice Items

  • ❏ Ice
  • ❏ Bottled Water
  • ❏ Sunscreen
  • ❏ Bug Spray
  • ❏ Asthma Inhaler
  • ❏ Epinephrine Pin

Baseball Equipment & Accessories
All parents will need to secure a baseball glove, protective cup (boys), and baseball pants for their baseball player. These items can be purchased at your nearest Dick's Sporting Goods, Modell's, Sports Authority or your nearest sporting goods store. Although optional, parents interested in purchasing their Little Leaguer a baseball bat, can read up more on baseball bats here!

Cleaning Your Uniform
Most Little League uniforms are made of cotton and polyester. To remove stains caused by grass or dirt, it is important to wash your uniform as soon as possible. Gently rubbing a mix of cool water and a small amount of liquid or powdered detergent directly onto the stained area before washing will help prevent the stain from setting in.

Stranger Danger
Teach children the dangers of talking to and accepting anything from strangers. This includes someone who may offer to play "catch" with them or offer to give them a ride home. Tell children to report any stranger who approaches them. Make sure that at least one adult remains until all children have been picked up from practices and games.